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The advent of the Internet has transformed the way we do business in the recording industry. Physical location is no longer an issue. The ability to record, monitor, share, and create over long distances in real time is here.
VAS (Voices And Sound) works with clients to fulfill their needs without the necessity of physical presence.

You can now get the voices you need and the sounds you want wherever you are in the world.

VAS does, however, offer onsite recording services to select clientele.

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Audio is 50% of what conveys your message to your audience.

We specialize in mixing and processing your music, voice-overs, and sfx to compliment each-other. We will remove unwanted noise, ensure your audio fades and transitions match your videos, and provide you with a clean and polished sound ensuring a pleasing end result for your client, customer, and audience.

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What's the difference?

Remixing is fixing a mix that does not meet your expectations. You want the recording to sound like the original mix, but with better results.

When you want a unique new sound, a fresh mix can often be the answer. Turn that Rock or Hip Hop track into something completely different and open the doors to an entirely new audience with a creative, imaginative approach that results in a brand new sound identity. At VAS, we specialize in EDM, Dance, and Industrial remixing



Are you plagued by a nasty hum, levels too hot, or unwanted noise in the background?

Do you need a weak signal enhanced or specific audio isolated?

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Do you have lyrics, a melody, or just an idea that you wish to expand?

VAS has your back. With a vast music library and access to writers and producers specializing in multiple genres, VAS can ensure your project has the sound you are seeking. From Commercials to Pop, EDM, Rock, and every genre in between, the writers at VAS will help you achieve your sound goals and objectives

Studio and Equipment

Working with him is a no-brainer!!

"I've been working in the industry for decades and Roman is one of the most positive and passionate people I've met. His enthusiasm, professionalism, and willingness to challenge himself and others are unsurpassed. Working with him is a no-brainer as his creative input will most assuredly benefit any project."

Sean Gregory - The Recording House

The Music Made Speaks For Itself

"In order for me to put my creation in the hands of somebody, I have to trust that they respect my vision and pay attention to detail. Roman does just that. No stone left un-turned,incredible attention to detail, and the most comfortable working environment you can be in to feel the intimacy you need to project the message. I have nothing but positive experiences with Roman and Voices and Sound. The music made, speaks for itself."

Chad Valyear - VALYEAR, Singer and Writer